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A Book Report on Kid Power


Kid Power, by Susan Beth Pfeffer is the story of a teenage girl. This story is set in a family that is in New York. The main character, eleven-year-old Janie, whose parents promise to buy her a new ten-speed bike and could not afford it anymore when her mother loses her job, decided to earn her own money and save it to buy a bike for herself. She set up a company called Kid Power that runs errands for the neighbours and charges one dollar an hour. This book is about she earns money and the relationship between her and her family or friends.


A feature that appeals to me happen when Janie's best friend, Lisa, tells her seriously about the bugs which Janie thinks are so cute. Lisa tells her they are Japanese beetles that are going to eat the garden of Mrs. Townsend, Janie's employer, until there is nothing left but holes, and she would be sorry by then. It is very touching because Janie always forgets about Lisa but Lisa is such a good friend that gets Janie out of trouble even though she and Janie have a quarrel. This feature makes me think about the relationship between my friends and I.


This book gives an interesting description of Janie who thinks like a child but tries to be an adult. Janie asked her father about gross and net-spending money and earning money and she reds book about investment. She asked for a ten-percent commission from friends for finding them jobs. She tries to be an agent. She tries to sound mature when she receives phone calls from the employers. She expands Kid Power and behaves just like a businesswoman. It makes me jealous of that little girl's great achievement and riches!


In my view, this book is true to life because people nowadays mention about money all the time. Everyone, even a child, wants to be a millionaire. Jana earns a lot of money because she has a goal to achieve. I think money has been very important in our lives and we always need it to achieve our goals.


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